måndag 23 april 2018

Snakeline module - bringing life to the map

Animations are great in many situations. For example helping the user solving a task, today animations is a natural part in applications. So therefor I thought it was time to have a Polyline animation module - or a snakemodule. There is a good article about animations in Bing Maps here https://blogs.bing.com/maps/2014/09/25/part-2-bring-your-maps-to-life-creating-animations-with-bing-maps-net/. The principles should be about the same but the v7 control is outdated.

Except adding life to the application animating a polyline makes sense in some use cases. For example when in comes to routing and directions. Animate the route from A->B also emphasize the direction for the user.

Moreover I added possibility to have several poly line styles for one polyline, I don't know if I missed anything from the documentation but I added ability to add mulitple styles. But wouldn't it be cool to declare style the same way CSS is declared? Being able to adding a shadow to geometry is a nice way enhancing the information. 

The module

The snakemodule is structured in two, three pieces. The first piece densifies if needed the polyline, as shown in the image below. The spatial math library is a big help for this task. The second part plots the chunks with a "frame duration" of 15 ms. The animation duration is configurable when calling the draw function.

The code is published on Github, feel free to try it. But I would have loved to see a repository with various modules, libraries etc on GitHub coordinated by Microsoft. 

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